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01:49:48 one check that the legislative branch has over the judicial branch is . a. the power to declare war b. the power to enact taxes and allocate funds c. that the supreme court is required to report on the state of the union to congress d. the power to set the jurisdiction of courts Get the answer
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01:50:43 what is the total surface area of the pyramid? 12.6 cm 12 cm 6 cm 10 cm 195.6 square centimeters 217.8 square centimeters 255.6 square centim


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01:50:51 a scientist discovers a cell that has chloroplasts, cytoplasm, dna, and a cell membrane. which statement best describes how the cell could b


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01:53:09 2 5 c what is the factored form of 270 +8912? o (30 +299) (302-6d²gº +29) o (30 +299 +299) (904-6dºg? +40) +60pg4+4 (38204)(304-8g-20) + 204