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.phenylketonuria (pku) is an inherited disease caused by a recessive allele. if a woman and her husband, who are both carriers, have three children, which one of these probabilities is wrong? one or more of the three children have the disease; 1-27/64= 37/64 all three children have the disease; 1/4 at least one child is phenotypically normal; 1- 1/64= 1/63 all three children are of normal phenotype; ¾ x ¾ x ¾= 27/64 Get the answer
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.question 24 for the next two questions use the following information to determine your answers. a random sample of 230 workers at a company were surv


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.questions 2-6 use this question. the owner of an art supply store wants to know which arts are popular among her customers. determine whether each se


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.read the excerpt from "the crab that played with the sea." then the little girl-daughter put up her little soft brown arms with the beautiful white