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.-¿cuál es el nombre dado a la unidad que equivale, utilizando los submúltiplos y múltiplos del sistema internacional de unidades.(si) a) 10-9 g =………. b) 10 6 s = ………. c)10-3m =………….. d) 1012 l = ………… e) 10-6g = ayuden porfa Get the answer
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.. a cistern has two pipes. the first and second pipes can fill the empty cistern in 12 hours and 18 hours respectively. if both pipes are opened toge


Abraham Uilleam 1 Hours ago

.. a uniform ladder of mass 10 kg and length 4 m rests with one end on a smooth horizontal hoor and the other end against a smooth verticalwall. the


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.. find the distance between the points a and b in the following:(1) a(0,0), b(-5,12)(ii) a(1. - 3), b(4,1)(ii) a(- 1. - 1), b(8, - 2)(n) a(5.-8), b(