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. the ksp of barium sulfate is 1.1 × 10–10. what is the sulfate-ion concentration of a 1.0-l saturated solution of baso4 to which 0.025 mol of ba(no3)2 is added? 4.4 × 10–9m 1.0 × 10–5m 6.6 × 10–5m 2.8 × 10–12m Get the answer
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. the average age of a child in a class of 35 is 11. the average age, including the teacher is 12. how old is the teacher? the average weight of a ki


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. the average of mindy's two test scores must be at least 92 to make an a in the class. mindy got an 88 on her first test. what scores can she get on


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. the balance in susan's checking account was $245.35. after the bank deposited interest into the account, her balance went to $248.02. how much inte