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. step 1: m = startfraction 13 minus 25 over negative 4 minus (negative 7) endfraction = startfraction negative 12 over 3 endfraction = negative 4. step 2: y = negative 4 x + b. 25 = negative 4 (negative 7) + b. 25 = 28 + b. 25 minus 28 = 28 + b minus 28. b = negative 3. step 3: y = negative 3 x minus 4 what was brooke’s error? she found the incorrect slope in step 1. she mixed up the x- and y-coordinates when she plugged in the point in step 2. she found the incorrect y-intercept in step 2. she mixed up the slope and y-intercept when she wrote the equation in step 3rm as fo Get the answer
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. sunita says the graph is too small! "if we're supposed to be using this data to check if the coaster is safe for really tall people, the graph has


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. super fine rice ltd. has the largest share of 55% in the market. the company's policy is to sell only for cash. in 2015, for the first time company'


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. suppose stevie'sstevie's expectation to sell one standard scooter for every three chrome scooters was incorrect and for every four scooters sold two