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. researchers at purdue university report data from a study where they hired experimental confederates to attend speed dating events, posing as daters, and carefully take notes on the behaviors of the daters. what type of research design did they use? Get the answer
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. ron polonsky is a seventy-one-year-old retired distribution manager. he and his wife sandra live in lincoln, nebraska. sandra is fifty-seven and is


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. soc media is 2% tryptone, 0.5 % yeast extract, 10 mm nacl (f. w. 58), 2.5 mm kcl (f. w. 74.5), 10 mm mgso4 (f. w. 246.5), 10 mm mgcl2 (fw 203.3), 20


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. step one visit a retail shop in your vicinity and conduct research on the marketing mix policies below. step two evaluate how the business applies t