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"in zimbabwe, private individuals are allowed to own elephants, to raise them, and then to butcher them and sell the parts. the supply of elephants in zimbabwe has risen since this policy began because group of answer choices the profit motive induces the private individuals to ensure that while they earn profits today they also have sufficient resources to earn profit in the future. the government has forced the private individuals to conserve. the profit motive induces the private individuals not to purchase as many elephants. neighboring elephant herds are migrating to zimbabwe. other countries are supplying elephants to the zimbabwe farmers." Get the answer
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"in a response of two well-developed paragraphs, compare and contrast "invictus" and "the negro speaks of rivers." in the first paragraph, focus on th


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"in a tri-state conference, 60% attendees are from california, 25% from oregon, and 15% from washington. as it turns out 6 % of the attendees from cal


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"in about 100 words, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of using a mall-style commerce service provider such as ebay stores or amazon’s pro me