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. express v=? dv, as two iterated integrals if r is the region in the first octant bounded by u^2+v^2+w^2/n=(n+1),w=0 and coordinate planes. sketch their separate neat graphs and shade the bounded regions. then evaluate any one of them. where n is the sum of first and last digit of your arid number e. g. 18-arid-2698 take n=2+8=10 (5 points) Get the answer
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. find examples of how two of the following organizations improve their supply chains: manufacturing, hospitals, retailing, education, construction, a


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. find the area of the shaded sector.123- 19 ft -a. 96.87 ftb. 746.63 ft-c. 186.66 ft?d. 387.49 ft?


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. find the inverse of the function below on the given interval and write it in the form yequalsf superscript negative 1 baseline (x ). b. verify the r