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. considere a equação ( y^2+2xy )dx- x^2 dy=0 . a) mostre que essa equação não é exata b) mostre que multiplicar os dois lados da equação por y^(-2) gera uma nova equação que é exata c) use a solução da equação exata resultante para solucionar a equação original. d) algumas soluções foram perdidas no processo? Get the answer
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. courtney was trying her hardest to keep up during choir rehearsal, but she was just not prepared. the choir director pulled her aside and asked her


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. craft corp. has no debt but can borrow at 7%. the firm’s wacc is 13%, and the tax rate is 40%. what is craft corp.’s cost of equity?


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. cu - cu2+ + 2e- this equation represents a redox reaction an oxidation reaction a hydrolysis reaction a reduction reaction