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. q7 what do maya's thoughts, feelings, and actions in response to her mother's injury reveal about her traits and motivations? a. she is caring, obedient, and wants to help her family. b. she cares about her brother and wants him to help her out. c. she can't cook and cleans slowly but wants to improve. d. she is self-centered and wants to win in gymnastics. Get the answer
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. the vanishing point in a composition using one point perspective is always located . a. in the center of the background b. somewhere on the horizo


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. the zoo currently has 132 pounds of frozen mixed fruit on hand to feed the animals for the next 7 days. if the exotic birds need to be fed 25 poun


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. to create a sharp contrast in a composition, which type of colors should be used? a. complementary b. analogous c. monochromatic d. nuetral