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-spanish influence and colonization in america- for this assignment, you must use the lesson context to write your assignment. you are focusing specifically on spanish colonization and the impact that it had on the natives lives. you need to address the natives specifically, but you can mention african slave trade as well. all of the questions listed in the score guide below should be focused on the native's perspective. -people are clearly identified (natives, slaves, etc...) interviewing with appropriato asked or written questions(who) -discussion of why (people in the 21st century) should care about these issues in colonial south america during this time(why) Get the answer
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-the picture goes to activity 2-its due today please helpactivity 1: journal: what evidence would you need to support the ideathat the force required


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-the ratios are both identical. (9/15 and 9/15) -the ratios are opposites. (-9/15 and 9/15) -the ratios are reciprocals. (9/15 and 15/9) -the ratios a


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-translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. -four less than the product of 20 and a number -use the variable n to represent the unknown num