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-4– one flight from london to south africa produces as much pollution as each passenger heating their own home for a whole year. aircraft fuel is one of the biggest causes of global warming and climate change. should we reduce the amount we fly? should we only take holidays in the uk? should the price of plane tickets go up to stop so many people flying? are people’s rights to have a holiday abroad more important than the planet? your task: write an article for a student magazine exploring the issue of so many people flying abroad for holidays and the pollution it causes. (27 marks) Get the answer
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-5 564-12which of these statements best describes the future weather condition at the location?(3 points)there will be light rain.o wind will blow fro


Hedda Galya 1 Hours ago

-5 what is x if 12 4 8 2 -6 -3 6 9 -3 -2 -7 -4 -21 -7 4 2


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-5- 2.4.1the school ask you to determine the number scale of the drawing if the map lengthactual 20 m boundary measurcs 16 cm on the diawing.(rememb