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- complete the following past simple and continuous events. choose the correct alternative 7. i a novel while my mother . a) was read / was cooking b) read / cooked c) was reading / was cooking d) was reading / cooks 8. i out of the window when the accident happened. a) was looked b) looked c) looking d) was looking 9. you while i . a) played / study b) were playing / studying c) were playing / was studying d) were played / was studying 10. he his homework when his father came home. a) were doing b) was doing c) did d) did do Get the answer
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- contains a separation of powers between branches -executive branch headed headed by a single chief executive -chief executive elected by citizenry,


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- copy of the myth of the exploited athlete ? sert format tools add-ons help all changes saved in drive normal text biu a arial 11 go + b - is eee 5l


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- create a dictionary for a dragon with details: name => "smaug" or any string title => "king under the mountain, lord smaug" or any string le