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*for grading, all submissions must demonstrate the specific unit material and skill level taught in the course. translated, plagiarized, and elevated language structures will not be accepted or earn a grade. to follow academic integrity, students are expected to complete this assessment on their own ability without the help of another individual. in this activity, you will submit the work for the following assignment. type your response directly into the space provided. maté is a very common and traditional drink in several spanish speaking countries. using 1 online source, research information about maté. in spanish, write a paragraph answering these questions about maté by restating each question in statement form. make sure to include at least seven (7) complete sentences in this paragraph to ensure all questions are addressed 1. what countries have this traditional drink? 2. on which continent are most of these countries located? 3. what major ingredient(s) is mate made out of? 4. when is it common to have this drink? 5. why is this drink important to the people who drink it? 6. what (american) beverage would be most similar to maté? 7. do you think you would like the taste of this drink, why or why not? 8. source citation must be included in the submission for your assignment to be graded. -follow academic integrity. provide the source citation in mla format to show where you got your research information. this source citation included should be the specific article or webpage you used and should allow your instructor to easily verify the exact information that you obtained in your research. this should not just be a general website with random articles and topics. anytime you use someone else's words and ideas, they must be given credit. all sources used must be cited in mla format and quotes may not exceed one to two sentences. Get the answer
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*help again please! i need at least a 40% to pass this math check point and i have 7 days to catch up or else i fail school please i don't have many p


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*help asap* how long does it take one inch of topsoil to form? a. several months b. about a year c. several decades d. hundreds of years please selec


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*help asap* the earth's___retains the atmosphere from dissipating into space. gravity mass rotation rise