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*6. f-le.1.c, f-le.2 a researcher studies the growth of a fruit fly population. the researcher counts the number of fruit flies at noon each day. the results are in the table. day number of fruit flies 0 4 + oo 1 write a function to describe the number of fruit flies, f, after t days. 2. 16 3 32 Get the answer
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*77. the holder of an $8000 savings certificate gets a $640 check at the end of the year. what is the annual rate of simple interest?


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*8.1.3. modify example 2 so there are nine girls. find daily arrangements of nine girls in rows of three so that each pair of girls appears in the sam


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*:??? name any anime *:??? -mondays 10 points -wednesdays 10 points -fridays 10 points -sundays 10 points