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**time for another lit. term! theme--the main idea or "take-away" in a piece of literature, film, etc. example: the theme of many superhero films is "good triumphs over evil." **time to practice: reread both poems. see if you can identify the theme in each. discuss with a partner. “harlem” -- langston hughes what happens to a dream deferred? does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? or fester like a sore-- and then run? does it stink like rotten meat? or crust and sugar over-- like a syrupy sweet? maybe it just sags like a heavy load. or does it explode? we real cool by gwendolyn brooks---1959 the pool players. seven at the golden shovel. we real cool. we left school. we lurk late. we strike straight. we sing sin. we thin gin. we jazz june. we die soon. when you have identified the theme in each poem, write approximately 15 lines comparing and contrasting the themes in the poems. upload your answer in the textbox below, or write it on paper and turn it in. please help i need help like right now this is do now! Get the answer
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**urgent**i really don't wanna read this stupid book** discuss mawi’s memoir of beetles and angels 1) list two details that stand out for you about m


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**united we stand, divided we fall' is so universal that it has even permeated pop culture. the phrase is as familiar to most americans as their own


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**use pie graph for projected percentage category total projected difference housing $575 (type here) budget busters #2- bella ($28,000 annual salary