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* i know the answer to each question i'm just confused about where the labels go above of sentence label the sentence s-inv, s-trv-do, s-trv-io-do, s-lv-pn, or s-lv-pa. above each word of the sentence pattern, write its label.key:s-inv - subject, intransitive verb.s-trv-do - subject, transitive verb, direct object.s-trv-io-do - subject, transitive verb, indirect object, direct object.s-lv-pn - subject, linking verb, predicate nominative.s-lv-pa - subject, linking verb, predicate adjective.example: trv io dochanges in the weather give many people allergic symptoms.work 1-61.s-trv-io-do - subject, transitive verb, indirect object, direct object2.s-inv - subject, intransitive verb.3. s-lv-pn - subject, linking verb, predicate nominative.4.s-trv-do - subject, transitive verb, direct object.5. s-lv-pa - subject, linking verb, predicate adjective6. s-trv-io-do - subject, transitive verb, indirect object, direct object. Get the answer
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* mr. herring teaches a swimming class at the local activities center. there is a $15 membership fee for the center and mr. herring's class costs $10


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* please answer * // what term refers to the absence of safe water in any geographic area for human, animal, and environmental use? a.) water scarcity


Valko Tomer 1 Hours ago

* please answer * how were soldiers affected by the new weapons technology of the 20th century? a.) soldiers were expected to die protecting these val