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* answer asap * in 1935, japan sought a partnership with germany. why would japan want to form this alliance? a.) germany had previously tried to form a partnership with japan, as a way to gain revenge for u. s. involvement in world war i. b.) japan wanted germany to help them engage the soviet union on two fronts--reducing the soviets' strength on either side. c.) japan sought an alliance with germany in order to strengthen its economic system and gain a valuable trading partner. d.) japan hoped to gain favor with germany's fascist leader and thereby avoid becoming a target for german invasion and expansion. Get the answer
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* answer pls * what are two types of angle measurements? a.) metrics and radians b.) radians and metrics c.) degrees and metrics d.) degrees and radia


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* answer quick * the undefined terms line and plane are needed to precisely define which mathematical term? line segment, perpendicular lines, paralle


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* asap timed assessment* an art museum recently discovered that 12% of their paintings had been stolen and replaced with replicas. if a tourist obse