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a cascade refrigeration system is used to provide a steady rate (q1) of low-temperature cooling for a deep freezer maintained at -75°c. propane is the working fluid for the low-temperature cycle which operates at evaporator and condenser pressures of p1 and p2 respectively. r-134a is the working fluid for the high-temperature cycle which operates at a condenser pressures of p6. both cycles operate as ideal vapor-compression refrigeration cycles. an intermediate temperature heat exchanger with a 10°c minimum temperature difference between working fluids serves as the evaporator for r-134a and the condenser for propane. propane system evaporator pressure: p1 (bar) = 0.05 propane system condenser pressure: p2 (bar) = 3 r-134a system condenser pressure: p6 (bar) = 12 cooling capacity: q1 (kw) = 3.4 required: a. determine the compressor inlet temperature (c) for the propane cycle. b. determine the compressor inlet enthalpy (kj/kg) for Get the answer
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a case of 11 dozen place mats costs $23.76. what is the cost for one place mat? $0.02 $0.18 $0.22 $2.16


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a case of dr. pepper soda consists of 24 cans, arranged in 4 rows of 6. each can has a radius of 4 cm. these cans fit neatly on top of a cardboard rec


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a case of gatorade at sam's club is priced at $12.94. if there are 24 bottles in a case, what is the approximate cost per bottle?