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) write the code to display the content below using user input. the program name is half_xmastree. this program must use (only) for loops to display the output below from 10 to 1 therefore ...1st row prints 10 star 2nd row prints 9… 3rd print 8 stars and so forth... this program is controlled by the user to input the amount of row. a good test condition is the value of ten rows. the user will demand the size of the tree. remember the purpose of print() and println() Get the answer
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) carbon + oxygen = e) calcium carbonate = + f) carbon + hydrogen = g) carbon + hydrogen + oxygen = h) water = + i) iron + sulphur = j) ma


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) from able as 3cucl2 + 2a1 ? 2alcl3 + 3cu using the molar ratio between the limiting reactant (aluminum) and the product copper, determine the theor


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) ¿qué es población? b) ¿qué es muestra? ‘ c) variables y tipos d) ¿qué es una tabla de frecuencia? 4. elaborar un esquema sobre los conceptos básicos