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) the velocity function is v(t)=?t2+3t?2v(t)=?t2+3t?2 for a particle moving along a line. find the displacement (net distance covered) of the particle during the time interval [?2,5][?2,5]. Get the answer
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Mona Eva 55 Minutes ago

) trong m?t h? th?ng m?ng có th? t?n t?i t?i ?a bao nhiêu dhcp server? gi? s? có 2 dhcp server, server 1 c?p trong netid: và server 2:


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) two boys, shrijan having weight 600n and shrijesh having weight 300n are playing see-saw. if shrijan is sitting at 2m from fulcrum,where should shr


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) using complete sentences, describe what present-day canada and the united states looked like just prior to contact between europeans and native amer