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(please answer, thanks:) ) the constitution describes ways for the government to ensure that one branch does not have more power than the others. which of the following is an example of this? a) citizens vote to maintain the balance between houses in congress b) two-thirds of both houses submit proposals for change. c) all branches can negotiate treaties with foreign allies. d) the supreme court can evaluate and declare laws unconstitutional. Get the answer
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(please help me by explaing) after dinner, your aunt serves slices of apple pie. would you rather have a slice with a central angle equal to (a) one r


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(please help me) select the correct answer.mendel performed studies on the seed color of pea plants. what conclusion can be drawn from this diagram?


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(please help me) where do you think we can find the best deal on pine-straw for our lawn this year?.the bolded verb in this sentence is written in th