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(multiple choice) a student is building a model roller coaster. the car rolls down from a standing start at the top of the first hill, which is 2 m high. the car fails to make it up to the top of the second hill, which is 2.1 m high. ignoring friction and air resistance, which is most likely the source of the problem? a. the car has too much mass. b. the second hill is higher than the first. c. the car is going too fast at the bottom of the first hill. d. the first hill is too high. Get the answer
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(n) is a specially assembled collection of people who respond through a semistructured or structured discussion to the concerns and interests of the


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(n. for the reaction: 2hcl(aq) + ca(oh)2 (aq) - cacl2 + 2h20 (1). identify the conjugate acid and conjugate base, according to bronsted-lowry definiti


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(need help asap plz :) one aspect of the commercial revolution was that the barter system of trade was replaced by a system based on money and credit.