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(25 points) assignment comparing two plays in a response of 2–3 paragraphs, answer the following questions. remember to incorporate at least three module vocabulary terms into your response. compare and contrast how antigone and "the game" develop the protagonist and antagonist using dialogue and staging. use specific textual evidence from both plays to support your answer. compare the themes. what do antigone and "the game" suggest about fate and chance? are our futures determined by fate, by chance, or a combination of both? explain. Get the answer
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(25 points)which activity was prohibited in russia in the 1960s and is still prohibited in china today? a) traveling to another nation for higher edu


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(25 points) choose acid, base, or neutral. ca(oh)2 = increases the concentration of hydrogen ions (h+) in solution = tastes sour = cleaners like blea


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(25 points) please help george w. bush first inaugural address 1. where, when and to whom was the speech delivered? 2. describe the tone or mood in