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(13 points) (show your work) jordan is a biologist. she is going to randomly select one animal from her lab to study. there are 55 salamanders, 33 crayfish, and 12 minnows in her lab. what is the probability that she does not select a salamander? Get the answer
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(14 x 4 = 56) sto nepali students. 23. in the and in a group of 60 students, 30 can speak nepali only and 15 can speak english only. how many can spea


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(14) every few minutes he paused in his work to scrutinize the landscape if he had a feeling that danger was not far off. read the passage. look at t


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(14) it may be meat, a prepared diet such as zupreem or mazuri, but a combination of both. look at the underlined section marked (14). choose the answ