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(100 points) answer correct in next 5 mins get tisha and her academic team are working to go to state finals. they must have a certain number of points, t, to advance. they have had three local matches, b, c and d, and will attend a district match. district match points count for four times the number of points than local matches do. choose the equation that would help tisha find how many points they need to earn in the district match, a, to advance. a equals t over 4 minus b minus c minus d a equals t minus b minus c minus d all over 4 a equals t plus b plus c plus d all over 4 a = 4(t ? b ? c ? d) Get the answer
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(100 points) "animal farm"1. animal farm is an allegory for the events in russia between 1917 and the early 1940s. how does orwell’s use of allegory h


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(100 points) can someone help me understand how to solve this problem? not just the answer to the problem but the process too please. thank you!


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(100 points) does anybody know the answers to the kinetic energy lab. here are the questions. what is the purpose of the lab, the importance of the t