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(1) there are many reasons why i like chocolate. (2) the first reason is that it tastes amazing. (3) many people all over the world love chocolate and say that it is delicious. (4) another reason why i like chocolate is that i can make other treats with it. (5) chocolate pie, truffles, chocolate covered strawberries, and toffee are just a few of the treats that can be made with chocolate. (6) finally, i like chocolate because it is good for your body. (7) i read many articles that say that dark chocolate is good for your heart. (8) the above reasons are just a few of the many reasons why i like chocolate. identify the second main point. Get the answer
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(1) there has been a recent disappearance of honey bees, referred to as colony collapse disorder. (2) many theories have been advanced to explain this


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(1) translate the verbal expression into an algebraic expression, using "n" to represent the number. a number is 5 less than half the number. your an


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(1) tremendous growth has strained hays county in a number of ways. they include traffic, congested roads, housing construction, and water supplies.