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(1 point) let f(x, y)=xex2?yf(x, y)=xex2?y and p=(6,36)p=(6,36). (a) calculate ??fp???fp?. (b) find the rate of change of ff in the direction ?fp?fp. (c) find the rate of change of ff in the direction of a vector making an angle of 45?45? with ?fp?fp. answers : (a) (b) (c) Get the answer
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(1 point) scores on a certain intelligence test for children between ages 13 and 15 years are approximately normally distributed with µ=106?=106 and ?


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(1 point) select true or false from each pull-down menu, depending on whether the corresponding statement is true or false. true 1. a marketing resear


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(1 point) sheila's doctor is concerned that she may suffer from gestational diabetes (high blood glucose levels during pregnancy). there is variation