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(1 point) a group of 15 hunters wait for ducks to fly by. when a flock of ducks flies overhead, the hunters all fire at the same time, each selecting a target at random and independently of the others. if each hunter independently hits his target with probability 0.5, and if all misses do not hit other ducks, what is the expected number of ducks that will be hit Get the answer
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(1 point) a, p and d are n×n matrices. check the true statements below: a. a is diagonalizable if and only if a has n eigenvalues, counting multiplici


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(1 point) an advertiser goes to a printer and is charged $40 for 60 copies of one flyer and $50 for 170 copies of another flyer. the printer charges


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(1 point) because of the relatively high interest rates, most consumers attempt to pay off their credit card bills promptly. however, this is not alwa