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(1 point) (a) a sample of households in a community is selected at random from the telephone directory. in this community, 6% of households have no telephone, 11% have only cell phones, and another 25% have unlisted telephone numbers. the sample will certainly suffer from a. nonresponse. b. undercoverage. c. false responses. d. none of the above. (b) archaeologists plan to examine a sample of 2-meter-square plots near an ancient greek city for artifacts visible in the ground. they choose separate samples of plots from floodplain, coast, foothills, and high hills. what kind of sample is this Get the answer
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(1 point) 3. public spaces such as playgrounds or skate parks often serve the purpose of meeting which significant human needs? needs for conflict and


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(1 point) 4. samantha, who is the vice president of the marketing department, has asked you to prepare a positioning map for her presentation to the b


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(1 point) 5. a ball is thrown and it follows a parabolic path. at each horizontal distance (x) the following equation models the ball's height (y). y=