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(1 mark) a wire 2.5 meters long was cut in a ratio of 1 4. find the measure of the longerpart of the wire after cutting(1 mark)if three chocolate bars cost k14.55. how many bars of chocolates will joshuabuy if he has 1972(1mark)a lamp can stay lit up to 5 hours when 500 ml. of kerosene is loaded in ithow long will it keep burning if there's only 125 ml left?(1 m Get the answer
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(1 point) donna's annual salary as a radiography technician is $49,588.00. her salary increased by 1.2% from last year. what was her salary last yea


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(1 point) 1. tim is a low-level supervisor, but he runs his department with a heavy hand. he directs his employees to perform tasks in specific ways,


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(1 point) 15. column 1 would be on the x-axis, and column 2 would be on the y-axis. which best lists the titles of each column? column 1 should be ti