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(1 convert the integral below to polar coordinates and evaluate the integral. ?4/2?0?16?y2?yxydxdy?04/2?y16?y2xyd xdy instructions: please enter the integrand in the first answer box, typing theta for ??. depending on the order of integration you choose, enter dr and dtheta in either order into the second and third answer boxes with only one dr or dtheta in each box. then, enter the limits of integration and evaluate the integral to find the volume. ?ba?dc?ab?cd =a = b = c = d =volume = Get the answer
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(1 mark) a wire 2.5 meters long was cut in a ratio of 1 4. find the measure of the longerpart of the wire after cutting(1 mark)if three chocolate bar


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(1 p. 1. dale is speaking to a group of students about the importance of extracurricular activities. he provides specific scenarios to show the audie


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(1 pc 4. if you have a document that is relevant to more than one folder on your computer, what should you do? save the document to the most appropr