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(08.02 lc) a company that manufactures storage bins for grains made a drawing of a silo. the silo has a conical base, as shown below: which of the following could be used to calculate the total volume of grains that can be stored in the silo? (6 points) Get the answer
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(08.02 lc)the table below shows the size of nine families selected at random from two neighborhoods in a large city: family size (in number of people)


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(08.02 mc) what is the mass of nacl required to make 160 grams of a 12% solution of nacl in water? 18 grams 19 grams 22 grams 24 grams


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(08.02 mc) a pair of equations is shown below y = 2x - 1 y = 4x - 5 part a: in your own words, explain how you can solve the pair of equations graphi