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(05.01 lc)look at the figure shown below: a triangle rpq is shown. s is a point on side pq and t is a point on side pr. points s and t are joined using a straight line. the length of ps is equal to 28, the length of sq is equal to 2x, the length of pt is equal to 35 and the length of tr is erita is writing statements as shown to prove that if segment st is parallel to segment rq, then x = 24. statement reason1. segment st is parallel to segment qr given2. angle qrt is congruent to angle stp corresponding angles formed by parallel lines and their transversal are congruent3. angle spt is congruent to angle qpr reflexive property of angles4. triangle spt is congruent to triangle qpr angle-angle similarity postulate5. (2x + 28):95 = corresponding sides of similar triangles are in proportionwhich of the following can she use to complete statement 5? (1 point)28:9528:3560:9560:35 Get the answer
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(05.01 mc) in triangle jkl, tan(b°) = three fourths and cos(b°) =four fifths. if triangle jkl is dilated by a scale factor of one half, what is sin(b°


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(05.01 mc) look at the image, listen to the audios and choose the option with the correct description that matches the image.


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(05.01 mc) the table and the graph each show a different relationship between the same two variables, x and y: a table with two columns and 5 rows is