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(04.06 hc) resident orcas live in coastal waters, while offshore orcas live in the open ocean and have a larger geographic range. the table below shows the top three threats to orca populations. table 1. factors considered in listing and potentially affecting recovery of southern resident killer whales. threat listing factors severity likelihood feasibility of mitigation prey availability habitat high high high, many salmon recovery efforts underway contaminants habitat, inadequacy of existing regulations high high medium, puget sound clean-up efforts underway vessel effects (commercial, recreational whale watch) habitat, overutilization, inadequacy of existing regulations high, whale watching guidelines and outreach underway, noaa evaluating regulations high high Get the answer
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(04.07) two separate bacteria populations grow each month and are represented by the functions f(x) = 3x and g(x) = 7x + 6. in what month is the f(x)


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(04.07mc) a.) what is the measure of b? (just write the numeral answer in the blank below, do not type in the word degrees) b.) are the two triangles


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(05 03 lc) what is the initial value of the equation shown? y = -2x - 5 0-5 0-2 o2 05