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(02.01, 02.02 hc) graph a triangle abc and perform a translation of (x + 4, y ? 3) to create triangle a?b?c?.describe the transformation using words. make sure you refer to the characteristics and the coordinates.draw a line through points a and a? and through points b and b?. what do you notice about the lines you drew? do you think you would notice the same characteristics if you drew another line through points c and c?? how do you know? Get the answer
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(02.02 lc) the constitution reflects the principle "republicanism" because it (3 points) ?? required the first president to be from a specific polit


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(02.02 lc) when choosing a sport, an environmental consideration is (5 points) a. accessibility to water b. potential costs for equipment c. scheduli


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(02.02 lc) which of the following is an example of chemical weathering? frost wedging o animal activity plant growth o acid rain