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(02.01 mc) jessica is traveling from miami, florida, to chicago, illinois. using the map, tell what the land will be like during the first half of her trip. (3 points) image of a map, showing a route from miami, florida, to chicago, illinois. the route goes through the atlantic coastal plain, the piedmont plateau, and several mountain ranges. the elevation will be high. the elevation will be low. the land will be mountainous. the land will stay below sea level. Get the answer
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(02.01, 02.02 hc) graph a triangle abc and perform a translation of (x + 4, y ? 3) to create triangle a?b?c?.describe the transformation using words.


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(02.02 trapezoid abcd is reflected over the line y = x what rule shows the input and output of the reflection, and what is the new coordinate of a? (


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(02.02 hc) escucha, lee y escoge la opción correcta. listen, read, and choose the correct option. 0:00 10:20 based on the audio, what class does an