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( ethan frome novel) which of the following is not an example of foreshadowing in chapters 1-1|?* a. "the pitch of the corbury road, below lawyer varnum's spruces, was the favourite coasting-ground of starkfield" b. "he had taken to the girl from the first day, when he had driven over the the flats to meet her, and she had smiled and waved to him from the train..." c. "his wife had never shown any jealousy of mattie, but of late she had grumbled increasingly over the house-work and found oblique ways of attracting attention to the girl's inefficiency." d. "zeena always went to bed as soon as she had had her supper, and the shutterless windows of the house were dark." Get the answer
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( help please ) the mechanical advantage of the inclined plane can be increased by increasing the ramp's horizontal 1. direction 2. work 3. length 4.


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( hurry! i'm timed, please and thank you <3 ) yesterday my friend gave me a ride home. normally i don't pay attention to the road unless i'm the on


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( i am very real) in the context of this letter, which is more important: freedom of speech, or the protection of young people from what some may see