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>> a 1 + 9 of 22 (id paus automatic zoom 16 jake, kylie, gabe, and curran took various road trips over the weekend. whose car gets the most miles per gallon? question a. b. a name jake kylie gabe curran gallons used 14 15 10 16 miles driven 275 312 315 jake kylie gabe curran d. questic 456 a quest ? 17 16 oz of trail mix costs $3.20. what is the cost per ounce? 0 $0.02 c.)$0.20 Get the answer
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>) find the distance between the points (8, 1) and (3,6).1) round decimals to the nearest tenth.unitssubmit


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>) in a right triangle, a and b are the lengths of the legs and c is the length of the hypotenuse. if b = 7 inches and a = 9 inches, what is a? if