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#5. marta can spend no more than $225 on the art club's supply of brushes and paint. a box of brushes costs $7.50 and contains 3 brushes. a box of paint costs $21.45 and contains 10 tubes of paint. she needs at least 20 brushes and at least 56 tubes of paint. which line on the chart below is a possible solution? option 1 Get the answer
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#6 find x. i’m a little confused at how to find x because i don’t know what the interior angles equal all together and i don’t know the shape. i need


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#6 look at the two circles below. they share a center point. the largercircle has a radius of 10 inches. the distance between the smaller circleand th


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#6) mary earned a weekly salary of $398 for the first 30 weeks of the year. she changed jobs and was paid a weekly salary of $712 for the last 22 we