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"you're going to get sick, kaushik, always wandering outside like that," my mother said. she continued to speak to you in bengali, despite your consistently english replies. it was your mother who came down with a cold, using this as an excuse to stay in bed for days. she refused the food my mother made for the rest of us, requesting only canned chicken broth. you walked to the minimart a mile from our house, bringing back the broth and issues of vogue and harper's bazaar. "go ask parul mashi if she wants tea," my mother said one afternoon, and i headed upstairs to the guestroom. Get the answer
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"your doctor has collected data on you since you were born and uses that data to track your health "elucidate the statement by analyzing the role of b


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"your subjects hope, dread sire— the crown upon your brows may flourish long, and that your arm may in your god be strong! o may your sceptre num'rou


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"your task this week is to create your favorite dessert in desmos" at least three parabolas by restricting the domain or range"