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"why do we pay taxes? it seems so unfairl now i can't have my toy!" you respond, "we pay them because they help our economy. without taxes the government "it doesn't help me. i shouldn't have to pay. i'm just a kid." you respond, "even children benefit. (write at least three sentences to give specific examples of how youth, families, and communities benefit from taxes.)" "how was i supposed to know all this? i don't have 27 cents. what do i do now?" you respond, "what you should do is create your own budget. (write in complete sentences to explain what a budget is, how to make one, and how to balance it.)" "will my budget be anything like the government's budget?" you respond, "they have similarities and differences. (write two sentences to describe one similarity and one difference between personal and national budgets.)" Get the answer
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"why is interviewing an important skill to have? what would it do for your career as a journalist? why are quotations important in articles?" help i r


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"why was the pony express important for california?" is an example of a(n) . essential question topic inquiry question


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"why? i daresay they make better neighbors than some other folk whom i wont name because i'm a christian woman. "miss whitlaw darted a poisonous glanc