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"the lottery" character analysis paragraph skill: explain the function of a character. 1. choose one character to focus on and create a plan for writing. first, list quotations that contain the five sources for characterization (actions, thoughts, dialogue, narrator's description, other characters' description). second, jot down your ideas as far as the function of this character (their purpose). and lastly, write a sentence claiming how the character contributes to the story as a whole. in other words, what do they do for the story thematically? 2 when your "plan" is complete and you've thought it out write a paragraph analyzing the importance of one character to the story 3. highlight your claim in yellow (this should be your first sentence). highlight your evidence (quotations with quotation marks) in green. highlight your commentary in blue. avoid including plot summary unless you need it to transition. do not highlight plot summary claim: [type here third.] evidence: [type here first] commentary • [type here second] prompt write a paragraph analyzing the importance of one character in shirley jackson's short story "the lottery Get the answer
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"the monkey's paw" climax? a. mrs. white screams in disappointment when she doesn't get to see her son again. b. mr. white makes his third wish on the


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"the most dangerous game" by richard connell if the general is also a cossack, then wouldn't his characterization of ivan also apply to him? contrast


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"the noncommissioned officer and petty officer: backbone of the armed forces (2013)" states that, "to be successful in building and sustaining (a soli