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"the leaders who ruined africa and the generation who can fix it" 1. part a: which of the following identifies the central idea of the text? a. the sudden and violent changes in government that swaniker has experienced in africa makes him fearful for the quality of its future. b. the previous three generations of africa’s leaders have ruined africa, but the fourth generation of leaders have given swaniker hope that it can succeed. c. while africa has had problematic leaders in the past, swaniker believes that africa must prepare a fourth generation of leaders that will drive economic growth. d. swaniker believes that no generation of leaders in africa will succeed until the power that is given to leaders is better controlled and monitored. part b: which section from the text bests supports the answer to part a? a. “i vividly remember being woken up in the middle of the night and gathering the few belongings we could and walking for about two hours to a safe house. for a week, we slept under our beds because we were worried that bullets might fly through the window.” (paragraph 1) b. “how could a country go so bad so fast? most people would agree that it's all because of leadership. one man, president robert mugabe, is almost single- handedly responsible for having destroyed this country.” (paragraph 5) c. “in africa, more than anywhere else in the world, the difference that just one a good leader can make it much greater than anywhere else, and here's why. it's because in africa, we have weak institutions, like the judiciary, the constitution, civil society and so forth.” (paragraph 7) d. “i believe that we need to create african institutions, home-grown, that will identify and develop these leaders in a systematic, practical way. we've been doing this for the last 10 years through the african leadership academy.” (paragraph 13) 3. part a: how does paragraph 11 contribute to the development of ideas in the text? a. it shows the potential that individual leaders possess. b. it portrays africa’s current economy as a struggling one. c. it proves that africa’s economy is improving with every generation. d. it emphasizes the importance of pursuing an education. 4. part b: which detail from paragraph 11 best supports the answer to part a? a. “laetitia's a young woman from kenya who at the age of 13 had to drop out of school because her family couldn't afford to pay fees for her.” b. “so she started her own business rearing rabbits, which happen to be a delicacy in this part of kenya that she's from.” c. “this business did so well that within a year, she was employing 15 women and was able to generate enough income that she was able to send herself to school” d. “the profits that she generated, she used that to build a school, and today she educates 400 children in her community. and she's just turned 18.” Get the answer
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