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"social media is making it more and more difficult for people to develop authentic emotional relationships with each other. talking to one another through the computer is not the same as talking face to face. certain elements of a true relationship are lost in the social media environment." - ali hassan, social media and relationships, pg. 44 which sentence plagiarizes this source? a. talking through the computer is not like talking face to face since certain elements of a true relationship are lost in the social media environment (hassan 44). b. using social media as a way to become close to someone is not the best way to develop relationships because the benefits of being up close and personal with the other person are lost (hassan 44). c. social media has had negative effects on the personal relationships of many people because they do not learn how to talk to one another (hassan 44). d. people who use social media to develop personal relationships are less likely to grow close to another (hassan 44). Get the answer
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