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"most white northerners at the time [1860] viewed blacks as inferior. . . .only a few [white northerners] held strong opinions about slavery. . . a vocal minority of northerners were abolitionists . . . some white northern bankers, mill owners, and merchants earned a lot of money on southern cotton and tobacco or by trading or transporting enslaved people. they were sympathetic to southern plantation owners and did not want to abolish slavery." Get the answer
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"my country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty of thee i sing. long where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim’s pride from every mountainside, let fr


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"my coworkers and my husband are resistant to my improvement idea (and my coworkers are routinely late for the carpool) because they are tired in the


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"my earliest recollection is of the knob creek place." so wrote abraham lincoln on june 4, 1860, to samuel haycraft of elizabethtown, kentucky. haycra