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01:48:33 id. what claim do the authors make in this passage? er a rough crushed re, an the into the n and e age of asses of o sugar farming is a modern version of honey farming. sugar cane has to be boiled in order to make sugar. o sugar production requires a great deal of workers. o this method of making sugar is thousands of years old. er, or the Get the answer
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01:49:53 what is the purpose of this passage? read the passage from "the beginnings of the maasai." these cattle are sacred, because they are actuall


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01:50:12 read the excerpt from the odyssey. 'o hear me, lord, blue girdler of the islands, iflam thine indeed, and thou art father. grant that odysse


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01:50:13 which of the following was not a result of the european colonization and conquest of latin america? a. the forced assimilation of german cult