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01:36:15 which statement best describes the problem statement below? vision: we want to decrease errors in our billings to clients. issue: clients complain that they receive multiple bills for the same month. we have one software that keeps track of services made to clients, another software that keeps track of the charges of those services, and another software that bills the clients. method: print out services and charges, and enter these values into a billing software. this problem statement is a clear, well-defined problem statement. this problem statement does not clearly define the issues. this problem statement will help stakeholders participate in addressing the problem. this problem statement does not provide a useful statement of method. Get the answer
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01:42:24 what is the name of a solid that has to parallel polygon bases and all other faces that are rectangles? prism net surface area face save and


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01:43 how did abraham lincoln become a lawyer? lincoln went to law school in illinois to prepare for his debates against stephen douglas. lincoln taug


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01:45:20 what purpose does the underlined portion of this excerpt serve in the argument that americans should agree to pay more taxes to raise money