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01:30 which are the missing residual values? the chart represents a data set's given values, predicted values (using a line of best fit for the data), and residual values. o g = 2 and h = -1 g = 28 and h = 39 g=-2 and h = 1 g= -28 and h = -39 given predicted residual 12 n| ?? ?? 13 15 20 19 mark this and return save and exit next submit Get the answer
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01:35:02 the dot plots show the heights of boys and girls at a summer camp. heights of boys and girls at camp boys' heights 40 41 44 46 48 50 52 54 5


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01:35:33 aims that what should horus add to his evaluation to make it more effective? select two options. a statement summarizing smith's claim exampl


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01:35:40 arelative frequency table is made from data in a frequency table frequency table what is the value of g in the relative frequency table? roun