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// this program creates a screen with two textboxes and a button. // when the user clicks the button, a label displays the result // which is the sum of the numbers in the two textboxes. // modify the program to allow the user to click any // of three buttons. on displays the sum of the two numbers. // the others display the difference and product respectively. start declarations screen screen1 button calcbutton textbox usersentry1 textbox usersentry2 label result screen1.setsize(200, 200) calcbutton. settext("click to sum the numbers you have entered") calcbutton. registerlistener(sumnumbers()) screen1.add(usersentry1) screen1.add(usersentry2) screen1.add(calcbutton) stop sumnumbers() declarations label result num sum string answer sum = usersentry1.gettext() + usersentry2.gettext() answer = "the sum of the numbers is ", sum result. settext(answer) screen1.add(result) return Get the answer
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Giiwedin Frigyes 55 Minutes ago

/// please answer!! // if a preimage is (0,1), (4,0), (4,1), what are the points after a translation of 3 units up and then a reflection over the y-a


Sagi Boris 1 Hours ago

//answer asap!// what do many ecologists feel is necessary for an area to be classified as a forest? a.) several species of trees b.) enough trees to


Valko Tomer 1 Hours ago

//add you starting comment block public class bubblebubblestarter //replace the word starter with your initials { public static void main (string[] ar